Long Summer Living

Earth is the ground beneath our feet, the solidarity of who we are and our relationship with nature; from whom we are given nourishment, support and life. It enables the type of food that we eat and its quality. To be earthy is to bear a certain aura of life rooted deeply in the essence of sensuality. The earth is round, therefore all roundness, contours, circles and cycles signify the earth.

The late summer sees energy gathering towards the centre. It is the beginning of gathering in the harvest and storing and preserving the fruits. After the volatile heat of summer, the Stomach and Spleen need to be nourished and regenerated. We can strengthen our digestive centre through sweet vegetables, especially the round and root varieties. As the season progresses and the nights begin to grow cold, the seasonal energy will begin to flow downwards.

Long Summer eating

During the late summer we continue with Summer cooking styles but begin to add stronger cooking by adding in quick oil sautéed dishes, some boiling, and the occasional baked dish. We gradually reduce the use of matchstick cutting and grated vegetables in our salads and use slightly larger, chunkier cutting such as longer, wider strips for root vegetables, whole leaf greens or bite sized cubes for Summer squashes. Whole sweet corn from the garden quickly nourishes our Spleen and Stomach to revitalise our energy.

It is important to stay very connected to the season now and not pre-empt Autumn and the approach of cooler weather by introducing food that is too heavy in nature.

We human beings are often tired during this transition season from our busy socialising and the effects of the hot Summer. Paying close attention to weather changes and matching our cooking strategies can support the vitality of our immune system that is needed to bring the warm weather to a close and meet the colder weather and prevent the colds and flus that herald the seasonal change.

The Earth element of Long Summer

During the Late Summer, there is a strong sense of gathering energy to the centre. This is a special time, between the Summer and Autumn, as it signifies where we stand at the centre of ourselves – whether fertile, grounded, nourished and supported, balanced and stable within the forces of the world, or chaotic and desperate, nervous and flighty, disconnected, alone and homeless, distressed in the Earth element. If we care for ourselves and create health through our digestion and our actions, then our human seed can be of a rich and balanced quality, our children will be born healthy and strong in life, with an innate sense of harmony.